Sew what!?!


Ok, it’s Breezy talking since my good friend Mandy pointed out that at times it is confusing who’s writing. I thought I’d start off with a great pic of the beautiful flowers I picked up at Trader Joes this weekend, $3.99, aren’t they gorgeous. I heart Trader Joes. Nick appropriately came up with this blog title because I spent the weekend sewing (and swearing, they go together at this point). Well, I had been toying with the idea of learning to sew (again) and had been trolling Craig’s List for a used machine but hadn’t seen anything worth the money. Well, last week there was a Brother LS-2000 posted for $30 from a woman who didn’t live far from us. It was a barely used machine and the online reviews said it was a great starter machine. It retails for almost $90 at Wal-Mart so I got a steal. It came with all it’s contents and the box, but the box promptly had to go because it smelled like a skunk! Which was confusing since the home I bought it from was very clean. So I went to Hancock Fabrics for their 4th of July sale and stocked up on fabric and other odds and ends. My reasoning was this….I should learn how to sew because it costs too damn much to get things fixed and altered. Plus, when we have children in the future I can see numerous times the ability to sew will come in handy. Nick is “crafting” up ways that this could be monetarily lucrative because……….
I QUIT MY JOB! There’s my big news. My last day is this Friday and it was a tough decision but ultimately I have felt a huge weight has lifted after I made it. I had been unhappy with the agency I was working for, ultimately it was very disorganized and the level of expectation for productivity was too much for me and would have led me to burn out. I don’t know what I’m going to do next, the time frame we are here makes it difficult to begin another social work job and the climate of my field here in Las Vegas is vastly different from St. Louis. There is much more private for profit agencies than non profit, so I may take a break for a while, work part time, who knows. But at least I have a new hobby to fill my time, hehehehehe. Here are some pictures from my first project.

It's a girly machine, just in case sewing wasn't a feminine enough task.

Here was my handy guide I found at the library.

My finished was a labor of love and many lessons.

So I started out with one concept, fooled around with it and ultimately went for something simpler (sans zipper) and then adjusted that to look like something else all together. So I found a few books at the library to get me started, Martha Stewart’s Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts (HUGE book!) and Sew What! Bags: 18 pattern free projects you can customize to fit your needs by Lexie Barnes. It’s a pretty handy book with clear instructions and handy spiral binding. I ended up going with some linen I found at Hancock but I want to get some cotton next time and work with that. Unfortunately the selection of cotton at Hancock, Jo-Ann, and Hobby Lobby is pretty kitschy, so I’ve been trolling the internet for good deals and decent fabrics. If anyone has good advice let me know! I learned a few lessons this weekend that I’m sure I learned as a child from my mother, grandmother, and home-ec teacher but have long forgotten, here they are….
Lesson #1: Remove pins before having them go through the needle….RIP needle #1
Lesson #2: Make sure the appropriate sides of your fabric are together so that you don’t have to rip out the ENTIRE thing, I have a feeling this won’t happen again as I am thoroughly traumatized by the first encounter.
Lesson #3: Swearing and growling will not entice the bobbin thread to emerge from the bottom, it must be carefully coaxed and encouraged.

I was very proud of myself after a long time of frustration but I am hoping this will continue to grow as a skill, if nothing else, at least I’ll be able to make various Christmas and birthday gifts. You all will be getting an exact copy of that bag, just kidding. I will eventually need to get a few more tools such as a rotary cutter and board and a quilting ruler. My cuts were pretty rough but these tools will come with time and more skill.
Here’s a cooking update, I didn’t get around to the bread this weekend, I was pretty busy with the sewing but I’ll let you know how the American Sandwich Bread recipe goes. I did get a chance to make the Salsa from the Brown Eyed Baker. It was delicious, I left out the membrane and the seeds of the jalapeno to cut the heat because Nick’s not into spicy, but I thought it was great. Nick and his superior pallet thought it was bland, well, what does he know. Here are some pics.

Hmmmm....we'll see how long this lasts

The recipe made a TON and my food processor was leaking at times but it was delicious. I gave some to my old co-worker Sara and she gave me thumbs up so I’ll have to keep this handy. I even accidentally added in a teaspoon of cumin instead of 1/4 of a teaspoon but it didn’t matter, everything blended together well. Nick and I are off to see some fireworks tonight, it should be interesting with how flat it is here. We may be able to see fireworks for miles. I hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th of July. We are seriously depressed that we don’t get to watch Dan try not to blast his fingers off this year. Only six and a half more months until we’re home!!!

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  1. OMG! You quit your job, huh? Wow, well I’m glad that you feel better about it and it’s probably not worth the stress in the long run. Now you can just enjoy the rest of your time there. I’m excited to hear you are learning to sew! I got a machine two years ago.. haven’t done much with it yet, but would like to down the road. :) Take care!!

  2. Oh! And Dan put on a spectacular fireworks display last night at Kurt’s and did not sustain any injuries – yay!! Happy Fourth of July! :)

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